Silver Falls, Oregon

When I think of the Pacific Northwest in winter, I think of misty mountain ranges, Patagonia raincoats (not that I own one), epic forests for hiking, and the chance to wear my Bogs once more. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s like Alaska all over again. A love/hate relationship.

A cold sweat that beads on my reddened face is the much-needed refresher for life. It’s the breathe-this-in-deeply moments that make this coastal region exactly what you’d want your Oregon experience to be.

I thank my sister for this hike on Christmas Eve. What started out as a rainy hike down to the falls turned into a soft, winter snowfall by the time we circled back to the car.

The only question afterwards was – grab a micro-brew or a coffee?

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon | December 24, 2015

Behind The Falls

Moss In Rain

Kaitlyn On Bridge


Epic Snowfall

Snow On Moss

The Hike

The Road to The Falls

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