Hoosier Artisan Boutique / A Recap!

Although #SmallBizSat started out a bit dull and rainy, my hopes were high (though nerves had still set in) for my first Small Biz shop before the holidays at the 7th Annual Hoosier Artisan Boutique. I am new to the art fair scene, but I amaze myself with some of the things I have accomplished and learned along the way.

I had two options in my mind for that day: I could either obsess over what wasn’t done or I could let it ride, and see what happened. I had NO CLUE what to expect (and, as an artist, you never really do). So, I chose the latter. And THANK GOD because I met so many other glorious, laid-back artists along the way. HOLLA!

Set up was a breeze, there was coffee, donuts, and mingling. I walked around chit-chatting and snapping some photos for this post. I sold some of my wares to the eager yet satisfied post-Thanksgiving crowd all looking to #shoplocal and support small businesses. While I wasn’t able to get a photo of every booth that was there, I did get a few right before the doors opened to the public.

Thank you to Megan Martin from Hoosier Artisan Boutique (and the rest of your family as well!), Matt for working for free that day and running to the bank when I realized I forgot my….bank…., the US Marine Corps Reserve for your service to our country and for your generosity with the Toys For Tots Foundation, to Maike from M.Rinaye Photography – an awesome photographer but an even awesome-r friend and mentor, to my friends and family that came by to visit and say hi, and to the many artists I met while at the show – much love and success for 2016!







New NOEL Xmas Design

New 5x5's

Ornaments by Claudia Butler of Long Branch Creek Farm:

Long Branch Creek Farm

Sarah Hensley Art:

Sarah Hensley Art

Jewelry by Brenda Kessler Designs:

Brenda Kessler Designs

Hoosier Artisan Boutique 2015 Hoosier Artisan Boutique 2015

Toys For Tots 

Toys For Tots




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