I hate sunflowers,
There, I said it, now don’t laugh,
For they might have ears…



A little backstory – I truly do dislike sunflowers. They’re giant. They’re creepy. Flowers should not be that big.

And so it goes…



5 thoughts on “I HATE SUNFLOWERS

  1. Yeah, screw them. All “look how tall I am…taller than you you little punk human!” and I’m like “OH YEAH??” and then I make a big point of WALKING away. #slain

  2. I have hated sunflowers since grade school. This lady had a plethora of them in her front yard. I would cross the street to avoid them. I thought I was crazy for doing that, after all it is only a plant that can’t move or do me any harm, yet I fear them. Why? I know it is irrational, but I can’t irradicate it. It is almost comical. The irony is I like sunflower seeds, just not those huge emongous things that reproduce them. WTF?

    1. YES!!! Same here! I avoid them at all cost. Somehow it became weird to me that they grow so big, that they’re almost ‘unnatural’. I too, enjoy the seeds but don’t ask me to look at or touch a sunflower to get them!

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