A Camera’s Death

While I was just talking about the fact that I love using my Canon AT-1, my first ever “real” camera, it saddens me to say  that I will have to retire it. So now it will become part of my ever-expanding collection of [useless] camera decor.

I can’t really explain how much this camera means to me. It’s how I first learned the words shutter speed and aperture uttered by my dad. It’s how I first learned to load the film correctly and advance it without wasting any frames. It’s what I used in my high school photojournalism class where my teacher told my to “push the ISO” (which took me years to finally understand what she was talking about).  I lost it for a couple of years while my younger sister used it for school, but got it back in time to use it for trips like Kauai, Las Vegas, Michigan, and Florida.

The salesman at the camera store reluctantly told me that it would cost more to fix than it’s worth [which is saying a lot since the camera means so much to me]. I held in my hands, for a minute or two, a Canon A-1 Pro which came out the same year and was the professional upgrade from the Canon AT-1. He said, “the year that came out, your dad probably would have preferred the Canon A-1. It’s a great camera.” For a split-second, I pondered the $89 price tag and then reluctantly gave it back.

Give up film for awhile since a film camera wasn’t on my list of wants/needs? Or just buy it for the hell of it because, let’s face it, I cannot live without one…?

These are the last photos taken with my beloved.

Lazy Day AZ Welcomes You Beefy Juicy Liam
 shot of the Canon AT-1 this last summer.

My Canon AT-1


AH //


11 thoughts on “A Camera’s Death

  1. Sad! I hope you’re able to find a new film camera soon! Looks like you took some beautiful photos with it. What kind of film did you use for these shots? I love the colors in the watermelon photo.

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