Caged In

As of late, I’ve been struggling with my artistic capabilities. I have my doubts. I have my fears.

I wonder, “why can’t a picture just be pretty to look at?”

I answer, “but what is the meaning behind it?”




4 thoughts on “Caged In

  1. People appreciate a picture that is simple and pretty to look at. No thought or mystery behind it- just pretty. I love this photograph. It is exactly what it is. It says so little, but says just what it was meant to say…

  2. Ashley, if it was easy we would all be artists, I love your art and see it on so many levels. Its the internal struggle that helps us to see, you have a beautiful eye for photography. I spend more time studying your images than any other on the web, there is so much to see but still enough left to the imagination that it forces me to slow down and just take it in, and that my friend is why they call it art. :)Alan

    1. Alan, I really appreciate your comment. The first line especially says it all and I will remind myself of this on a daily basis. Thank you for taking the time to truly see and appreciate my artwork. You and everyone on here is what inspires me to keep going 🙂

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